VPI Coil Cold/Hot Pressing Mould

For VPI coil inter-turn solidification, one pair of hot mould for heating, one pair of cold mould for solidification

Heating power 10kW, max. temperature 250℃, temperature adjusted by thyristor and controlled by FUJI temperature controller, heated by thyristor, precision error of meter is ±1 ℃, and workpiece error is ±7.5℃

Oil pressure: 6MPa, 3.6T/edge (two pressure heads)

Adopting the process of automatic pre-pressurization (low pressure), automatically exerting full pressure after 2~5 minutes

Coil opening: 130~850mm, coil line: 1200mm
Max. section: 25×50mm2, mould length: 1600mm, length of effective heating area: 1200mm


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